Domaine Des Remparts
100% Aligoté
AOC Bourgogne Aligoté – Burgundy

Grape Variety
100 % Aligoté

The Domain
In the Sorin family, the cultivation of vines and wine is a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 15th century.
Patrick, Jean-Marc and Thomas Sorin currently cultivate 40 hectares of vines, harmoniously combining technical progress and traditional know-how while respecting the environment.
It is a family vineyard that manages the entire production process until bottling in order to offer great reliability in the quality of their wines.

Plot selection
Clay and limestone
Age of the vine: 40 years old

Vinification and maturing
The sorted grape harvest is directly pressed, then the grape juice rest for 24 hours in a thermo-regulated vat at low temperature. The must deposit is settling to the bottom of the vat and is separated from the clear juice which goes in another vat for the fermentation. The fermentation begins naturaly about one week after the harvest.
Bottling at the Domaine.

 Colour: Pale gold color.
 Nose: A freshness and fruitiness of white peaches, green apples, pistachios, spring flowers with a hint of minerality.
 Palate: Floral (Acacia, Hawthorn) and fruity (green apple) notes, which soften over time while retaining its freshness and minerality.
 Garde du vin: 1 to 5 yearsAvailable only in 75cl
Alcohol : 12°

4.60€/b. Exw