Wines Export Agency (WEA) owes its growth to a unique set of Champagne Maisons spread over the 4 largest production areas. Marked by the imprint of winemaking families attentive to their images and strong with a heritage that is sometimes centuries old, they all share the key values of excellence, combining tradition and innovation.

Its commercial organization is decentralized to give our winegrowers only time to express their talents in producing artisanal champagnes of high quality.

Balanced global representation:

In the current context of supply constraints, research, exclusivity and top-of-the-range products of the market, our strategy is that of maintaining the value and guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers. The balanced geographic deployment of our brand portfolio continues thanks to the agility and speed of our responses and our global network, which is present in more than 42 countries.

Responsible sourcing policy:

In order to support its current and future growth by preserving the high quality of our range of artisanal champagnes, Wines Export Agency (WEA) pursues a dynamic policy of collaboration with its brands. The development of our business is made by the increase in the number of Maions for which we have commercial responsibility, but also by the quality of champagnes that we offer.

Futures prospects:

Excellence and attention to the specific expectations of consumers in each country will continue to carry the strong commitment of our teams to our customers and our Maisons to continue to strengthen them and build their future together in a sustainable way. The development of a wide variety of customers allows us to adapt to new lifestyles, consumption, and recruit the next generation of consumers.

Our dynamism and agility in responding to all the demands in the innovative market of artisanal champagnes are a key asset for reacting as quickly as possible to economic uncertainties. The development of our capacities in terms of volume and quality remains a major focus. As part of a long-term vision, all of our companies have the ambition to strengthen their sustainable commitment to the environment, which is their working tool, to preserve their know-how and to enhance their brand image through their great qualities.