Wines Export Agency France : distributor of champagnes and finest French wines in the world.

Wines Export Agency is a dynamic company specializing in the distribution of Champagnes and finest French wines.

We have been established for over 11 years and we officially represent some of the largest and most globally known appellations at the best prices from all our vineyards.

Wines Export Agency currently has a effective distribution network in 35 countries including both importers and wholesalers clients backed by an effective marketing and business development strategy.

More than 120 appellations from France (red, white, rose wines, Champagnes, or Spirits) are offered for sale and rigorously selected by our team who tastes hundreds of wines each year.

All our partner winegrowers work with an environmental approach and are often highly rated/rewarded by the best of international contests/critics for the quality of their wines.

Wines Export Agency has very close ties with its: importers, distributors, major supermarket chains, liquor stores, bars, hotels, restaurant, clubs, casinos,  and duty-free shops.

In total we have more than 2,300 direct customers that we supply for which we understand the needs and demands.

We are constantly committed to qualities, volumes, best prices and services.