A true specialist in champagnes, Wines Export Agency (WEA) aims to ensure the development of each of its 62 artisanal champagne Maisons while respecting their identity and autonomy, making available all the resources necessary for the creation, production and distribution of their products, always aiming at the excellence of quality.

Our model is based on a long-term vision, which values the heritage of our Maisons and stimulates creativity and excellence. It is the engine of the success of our partnerships and the guarantor of the future of artisanal Champagnes.

Wines Export Agency (WEA) distributes exceptional Maisons that cultivate their family singularities whose origins are intertwined with that of the Champagne appellation and its most prestigious terroirs.

Thus, all our Maisons are all animated by the same spirit of perfection transcended by years of experience passed down from generation to generation, which they cultivate on a daily basis, in order to strengthen the desirability of their brands and guarantors through their names.

These Maisons, often centuries old, cultivate a particular character and share a strong culture of excellence that make each of them produce unique champagnes.

Grouped under the direction of Wines Export Agency (WEA), our artisanal champagnes form a collection of rare brands that combine heritage and innovation, authenticity and creativity.