Wines Export Agency France have an exciting portfolio of more than 1600 wines from 120 French appellations spanning an entire
spectrum of regions, styles and price points, rewarded by :

Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, Wine spectator, Guide Hachette, Paris, Mâcon, James Suckling, …

Wines Export Agency France also offers unique logistic solutions from 1 mixed pallet from France.

Environmentally friendly our priority is to find wineries with sustainable farming practice in French wine regions
and offer you the best traditional family-owned wines.

We invite you to discover more deeply into our unparalled brand portfolio and learn more about our winemakers,
winemaking techniques and what makes Wines Export Agency France so special.

Wines Export Agency…just more !

About us

Wines Export Agency France, located in France (Bordeaux) represents a distinguished french portfolio of high-quality, artisanal, family-owned brands. Our in-house sales team uses its deep experience and broad network of buyers to increase market presence.

We couple creative excellence and business acumen with extensive wine industry operational, distribution, direct-to-consumer, brand marketing and sales experience.

For those reasons, we keep in close contact with our suppliers and are active partners in that relationship. We advise on realistic pricing for the market in question, assist with questions regarding brand image, labeling, market positioning, etc. 

For you, we seek out wines that are consistent in quality and style from year to year. Our wines are fresh and balanced, with generous fruit and no harsh edges. They have wonderful aromas, balanced acids and alcohol; they’re lively and stand apart for their drinkability and fantastic value. 

We take great pride in exploring the regions of France, meeting new vintners, tasting new vintages, and discovering delightful, extraordinary wines. Our painstakingly curated selections appeal to the thoughtful connoisseur: whether a long-time student of wine or a young maverick newly discovering his or her nose and palate. 

These wines are for independent thinkers, people who are confident in their own experience of flavor, buoyancy, and complexity. It is a pleasure to bring to you the french terroirs on your table.


Wines Export Agency has 2 export offices based in  and Bordeaux (for France and other countries) and New York (for USA).

Our portfolios are diverse and represent the best in quality wine sourced in France.

Their selection is carefully made by working closely with the producers.

The Wines Export Agency offices are the link between you and our winegrowers. They are a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Our team help select wines in the market and liaise with them on a regular basis.

Choose the office you want to be in contact with:



Wines Export Agency France explore, trouve et distribue de nombreuses caves familiales françaises sélectionnées. 

Chacun d’eux avec ses particularités, ses typicités et l’expression du terroir français. 

Basée à Bordeaux Wines Export Agency France, est un acteur majeur du négoce des vins. 

Nous avons une position stratégique pour nos clients : être directement installé au cœur des vignobles français, connaître nos vignerons et répondre aux demandes de nos clients.. 

Si vous êtes producteurs français, et que vous souhaitez recevoir des informations sur la représentation commerciale de vos produits, vous pouvez contacter notre bureau en France en cliquant sur le lien suivant :


Wines Export Agency USA is the office of our main agency in France.

We supply ourselves directly within the diverse portfolio of Wines Export Agency France.

 Based in New York, Wines Export Agency USA is a major actor in the french wines business. 

We have a strategic position for our customers : offer and find the best qualities from French families vineyards, and to meet their requests.