Our partners in Spirits

Cognac and Armagnac are the two largest world-renowned spirits appellations.While Armagnac is undoubtedly the oldest brandy in France, its younger brother cognac is more popular outside France. These two grape-based spirits are similar in many ways, but each has its own identity. Separated by about 300 kilometers, the particularities are:

–   In Cognac 97% of the grape variety used is Ugni-Blanc which gives fine and quality brandies. It is also used in Armagnac (55%). Distillation on the Charente still consists of two distillations.

–   In Armagnac, there is also Folle Blanche (2%) which produces fine and floral spirits, Colombard with fruity and spicy flavours appreciated in blends, Baco (hybrid of the wild white and American Noah) which produces round spirits with ripe fruit flavours (35%). The vast majority of Armagnac is obtained with the Armagnac continuous still.