Vins de France “VOGUE by James Arth”

Wines Export Agency makes varietals wines from south of France, in “Vin de France”.
Including Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay, Merlot and Sauvignon.
VOGUE by James Arth is rich in meaning, and evoking the wines origin : the elegance of french wines and the warmth of this région.

In order to maintain constant quality at the highest level for VOGUE by James Arth, Wines Export Agency has implemented an innovative sourcing policy based on parcel selection and partnerships with winegrowers.
With the aim of ensuring regular, high-quality supply, Wines Export Agency forge preferential links, on the basis of customised specifications, in the region’s various terroirs. The partners benefit from the experience and expertise of Wines Export Agency, who advise and guide them throughout the year.

The vat houses
The fully automated vat house is at the cutting-edge of technology, it combines productivity with compliance with health and safety standards. The large number of vats means that the parcel selection policy is reflected in the vat house, since different batches can be stored in different vats. The wines are thus kept separate until final blending.
The blends made for Wines Export Agency are completely homogenous and consistent, each blend being the same in every respect from one vat to another.
Frequently tasted and carefully analysed, the wines are constantly controlled.
An indépendant laboratory is responsible for monitoring the quality and development of the wines in the vats.

The bottling and packing lines
In accordance with the company’s quality charter, the bottling lines are subject to frequent and thorough inspections. The entire activity, spanning three bottling and packaging line, is computer-controlled. Our aim is to bottle our wines when they are at their best in terms of freshness and fruit.

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