Today, Wines Export Agency Inc. ownes its sucess for selling and marketing premium brands with: « J’ADORE » and « VOGUE » brands, created by James ARTH (globe winer), which complete the french wines market  for young consumers.

These wines are represents exceptional french vineyards (AOC, IGP or varietals) with the finest quality of wines that you will find and at affordable prices for good values.

For J’ADORE by James Arth (AOC and IGP wines) and VOGUE by James Arth (french varietals wines), these wines are in line with the needs of consumers aged for the fisrt 28 to 34, and for the second 21 to 28 who look for wines that are 100% smooth to drink, thirst-quenching, fruity, and fresh for varietals wines as for french appellations wines.

At the same time, VOGUE by James Arth and J’ADORE by James Arth, benefits from full exposure on social media, and takes a global approach to marketing and supports its professional partners in sales promotion.

From simple consumer input to event assistance, retailers advertising, work with your sales team, and innovative consumer outreach strategies, Wines Export Agency Inc. makes every effort to ensure that our products are distributed under the best possible circumstances.

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