Build Your Own Wine Label


Wines Export Agency Inc. has formed alliances with its production team partners and vineyard sources to build your own wine and label for ensure continuity, quality and consistency to your business.

The aim of is to provide a high quality-to-price ratio, thus allowing our clients to gain higher margins on their end.

Wines Export Agency Inc. has the resourced to manage production, winemaking, marketing, Compliance, logistics and label design out of its France office.

Whether it is an existing brand looking for a new higher quality supplier, or, just starting out with a new label project, Wines Export Agency Inc. can supply the expertise to make that project successful.

From creating label names to graphic design, winemaking to packaging, Wines Export Agency Inc. is always available to assist you every step of the way.

In summation, Wines Export Agency Inc. is the one-stop shop for those interested in a french Private Label Program.

Wines Export Agency Inc. has built a reputation for service, communication and commitment.

Wines Export Agency Inc. offer a wide assortment of appellations and varietals wines from France.

Think of us for your Private Label Program!