Wines Export Agency Inc. represents a distinguished french portfolio of high-quality, artisanal, family-owned brands.


We couple creative excellence and business acumen with extensive wine industry operational, distribution, marketing and sales experience.

For those reasons, we keep in close contact with our suppliers and are active partners in that relationship. We advise on realistic pricing for the market in question, assist with questions regarding brand image, labeling, market positioning, etc.

For you, we seek out wines that are consistent in quality and style from year to year. Our wines are fresh and balanced, with generous fruit. They have wonderful aromas, balanced acids and alcohol. They’re lively and stand apart for their drinkability and fantastic value.

We take great pride in exploring the regions of France for you (or with you). Meeting new vintners, tasting new vintages, and discovering delightful, extraordinary wines.

Our painstakingly curated selections please everyone: whether a long-time student of wine or a young maverick newly discovering his or her nose and palate.

It is a pleasure to bring to you the french terroirs in your business.